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Dr. Veronique Theriault

Dr. Véronique Thériault is an assistant professor of International Development in the Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics (AFRE) at Michigan State University (MSU). In addition, she is a member of the Core Faculty of the African Studies Center and Peace and Justice Studies at MSU.

Reducing poverty and improving food security through rural and agricultural development in West Africa form the core of Dr. Thériault’s research agenda. Her research portfolio includes projects to increase performance and enhance inclusiveness along agricultural value chains; from input provision to farming, processing, and trading. She is interested in understanding how to better link smallholder farmers to agribusinesses and improve livelihood opportunities of smallholder farmers, women and youth along agricultural value chains. She has worked extensively on the effects of institutional arrangements, such as contract farming schemes, on the performance of West African cotton sectors.  A current research focus involves the improvement of agricultural productivity of smallholder farmers through the analysis of the determinants of adoption of intensification strategies and the effect of the input subsidy programs. 

Global research interests

  • Effects of market reforms, institutional changes, and trade policy on agricultural sector performance in developing countries
  • Roles of formal and informal institutions on rural livelihood in Africa
  • Value chain analysis and market coordination
  • Analysis of farm household productivity in Africa
  • Economics of West African rice and cotton sectors
  • Gender, agriculture, and food security

Geographic focus

  • West Africa, with an emphasis on Burkina Faso and Mali

You can contact Dr. Theriault at

Dr. Veronique Theriault