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Dr. Amor Ines

Dr. Amor Ines is an assistant professor in the Department of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences and the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering.

Dr. Ines works on the integrations of advanced modeling techniques, in-situ, proximal or remote sensing, and advanced climate information for decision supports in agriculture and water management. Using agricultural models, data science, simulation and optimization techniques, he seeks to understand the complex processes of the agricultural production system at different scales and its interactions with climate, soil, plants/livestock and management. His work elucidates adaptation and mitigation strategies to climate variability and change, assesses adoption potential and impact of new technologies on smallholder farming system performance and food security, studies potentials of social-ecological agricultural systems, elucidates drivers of sustainable intensification and improved soil and water management. He is interested in exploring the whole value-chain of data generation-integration-modeling value-added information dissemination for a smarter decision support in agriculture.

Dr. Ines earned a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Water Engineering and Management from the Asian Institute of Technology, located in Bangkok, Thailand.  He recieved his B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering from Mariano Marcos State University in the Philippines.

Global research interests

  • Advanced modeling techniques to inform decision-making
  • Agricultural production systems
  • Anticipating climate change and its effects on agricultural systems

Geographic focus

  • Philippines
  • East Africa
  • Lower Mekong Basin

You can contact Dr. Ines at

Amor Ines, headshot